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18 million UK Ex Directory Phone Numbers

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Need to Find UK Ex-Directory Telephone Number

We hold over 18 million current ex-directory UK land line telephone numbers in our consented telephone database. In total our consented database holds over 80 million telephone numbers but if you are looking to recover an ex-directory telephone number legally then it must be sourced from a compliant consented telephone number database.

If you know the address of a person and you are seeking an unlisted telephone number we can carry out a trace of the records attributed to that property to ascertain whether any land line or mobile telephone number for a person resident have been consented to be disclosed. We have access to over 85 million UK land line telephone numbers which includes over 18.3 million currently listed UK ex directory numbers. The ex-directory numbers and unlisted numbers are sourced perfectly legally and are known in the trade as a consented telephone number. To provide one example among many, the telephone number at an address may be ex-directory but the owner may have provided the ex-directory number in a prize draw promotion, comparison website or to on-line music or video provider. The ex-directory number is now a consented number and can be disclosed.

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